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Township Board Job Descriptions

Township Supervisor
The Township Supervisor, in many ways, is like the mayor of a city or the president of a village. His/her duties are many as can be seen from the following list and township of large population is a very busy person. 
  1. Is a member of the Township Board and serves as chairman on that body.
  2. Is responsible for assessing all taxable property of the Township and making up the tax roll, which must be presented to the Board of Review before the first Tuesday after the first Monday in March.
  3. Together with the Clerk, transacts all legal business for the Township.
  4. President of  the Downtown Development Authority and Corridor Improvement Authority. 
  5. Is a member of the Byron Township and Cutlerville Fire Authorities.
  6. Is a member of the Township Election Commission when not a candidate.
  7. Serves on the Township Canvassing Board.
  8. Supervises the Assessing, Inspection and Park Departments.
  9. Prepares the Annual Budget.
Township Clerk
The Township Clerk is responsible for maintaining the Township accounting system. He/She is responsible for all records, books and papers of the Township including minutes of the Township Board and preparing the Township payroll, Trust and Agency and General and Fire Fund Checks. The Clerk also serves as Secretary of the Township Board and oversees elections, voter registration and cemetery operations. 
  1. Prepares and maintains voter registration records.
  2. Issues licenses for the conduct of certain businesses and services as provided by local statute.
  3. Prepares and maintains the Township Board Meeting Minutes.
  4. Responsible for the preparation and planning for any elections; coordinates, supervises and trains Township election workers; processes absentee ballots and supervises the production of ballot tallies.
  5. Informs residents and the public of official Township announcements.
  6. Chairs election commission.
  7. Acts as official signatory on all Township legal documents.
  8. Oversees Township burials, cemetery records and cemetery lot sales.
  9. Prepares General Fund financial statements for Board meetings; also responsible for preparation of Township General Fund annual reports.
  10. Assist Township Supervisor in preparing Annual Budget.
  11. Represents the Township in communications involving the Township attorney, citizens, and other outside organizations and individuals.
Township Treasurer
The Treasurer is the custodian of the Township’s money. Because of this the Treasurer must be bonded. He/She is a member of the Township Board, the Township Election Commission, and the Township Canvassing Board. 
  1. Has charge of all monies belonging to the Township. The monies are kept in a depository designated by the Township Board.
  2. Collects real property, personal property and specially assessed taxes and pays monies over the school districts and the County Treasurer.
  3. Keeps a record of all monies collected.
  4. Pays money upon order of the Township Board.
  5. Reports to the Township Board on monies received and spent.
  6. Prepare for the County Treasurer a delinquent tax roll.
Township Trustees
Like the Supervisor, Clerk and Treasurer the Trustees are members of the Township Board with an equal voice in legislative and administrative government decisions with the jurisdiction of the Township Board. Unlike the Supervisor, Clerk, and Treasurer, however, trustees are not delegated specific statutory duties and responsibilities. Trustees serve terms of four years just like the Supervisor, Clerk and Treasurer.
 Each Township Board, by law, must have at least two Trustees to serve along with the Supervisor, Clerk and Treasurer on the Township Board. In townships having a population of 5,000 or more, or having 3,000 or more qualified and registered for the November election; four trustees may be elected. Byron Township went to four Trustees in 1998.
 As the name implies, a trustee is an individual placed in a position of public trust with fiduciary responsibilities to manage the funds of the township for the best interests of the public.
 The Trustee has the responsibility to attend Township Board meetings and participate in decisions and deliberations. Trustees should be given an opportunity to investigate and study important decisions before voting.
 Trustees are frequently given additional duties and responsibilities by Township Board action. They are not required to accept such responsibilities but, where possible, should be willing to do so for the best interests of the Township.

 Additional Duties Performed by Byron Township Officials
  1. Serves on Kent County, Byron and Cutlerville Fire Commission
  2. Serves on Byron Water/Sewer Committee
  3. Secretary of the Board of Review
  4. President on the DDA and CIA Boards
  5. Serves on Grand Valley Metro Council Board
  6. Coordinate storm water plan for the Township
  1. Serves on REGIS Executive Board
  1. Serves on Byron Water/Sewer Committee
  1. 1 Trustee serves on Planning Commission
  2. 1 Trustee serves on Board of Appeals
  3. 1 Trustee serves on Recreation Committee
  4. 2 Trustees serves on Byron Fire Commission
  5. 1 Trustee serves on Cutlerville Fire Commission
Byron Township, MI
8085 Byron Center Avenue, Byron Center, MI 49315
Office Hours
Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.