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Chris Holwerda
Deputy Treasurer
Office: 616-878-3196

To check on the status of your property tax account, please click on Byron Property Database on the homepage in the middle of the website.

Pay Your Bills Electronically

Automatic Bill Payment
Our Automatic Bill Payment Plan has been a great success and continues to be available for the payment of Township Tax bills.  Customers can have their bills automatically deducted from their bank or credit union checking or savings account.   You will continue to receive a bill indicating the amount due, but the amount will be automatically deducted from the account you choose.   Click on the ACH Form below and return to the Treasurer's Office.

Credit Cards
The ability to pay Township Property Taxes and Utility Bills with a major credit card is also available.  Credit Card payments are only accepted online. The Township has contracted with a company to perform that service.  They will accept the payments on behalf of the Township and forward your payment to the Township.  To access this feature follow this link: Click the Payment tab at the top of the page.  Users paying with credit cards will be charged a Convenience Fee.

Bank Account Deduction
Customers may also follow the Pay Bill link above to pay their bill right out of their checking or savings account.  

  • Has charge of all monies belonging to the Township. The monies are kept in a depository designated by the Township Board.
  • Collects real property, personal property and specially assessed taxes and pays monies over the school districts and the County Treasurer.
  • Keeps a record of all monies collected.
  • Pays money upon order of the Township Board.
  • Reports to the Township Board on monies received and spent.
  • Prepare for the County Treasurer a delinquent tax roll.
The Treasurer is the custodian of the Township’s money. Because of this the Treasurer must be bonded. She is a member of the Township Board, the Water and Sewer Committee, the Township Election Commission, and the Township Canvassing Board.
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