Don Tillema

Township Supervisor Job Description
The Township Supervisor, in many ways, is like the mayor of a city or the president of a village. Their duties are many as can be seen from the following list and township of large population is a very busy person. 
  1. Is a member of the Township Board and serves as chairman on that body.
  2. Is responsible for assessing all taxable property of the Township and making up the tax roll, which must be presented to the Board of Review before the first Tuesday after the first Monday in March.
  3. Together with the Clerk, transacts all legal business for the Township.
  4. President of  the Downtown Development Authority and Corridor Improvement Authority.
  5. Is a member of the Byron Township and Cutlerville Fire Commissions.
  6. Is a member of the Township Election Commission when not a candidate.
  7. Serves on the Township Canvassing Board.
  8. Supervises the Assessing, Inspection and Park Departments.
  9. Prepares the Annual Budget.
Byron Township, MI
8085 Byron Center Avenue, Byron Center, MI 49315
Office Hours
Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.