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Peggy Sattler
Township Clerk

Jennifer Wiley
Deputy Clerk

Heather Sidebotham
Elections Specialist

Township Clerk Job Description
The Township Clerk is responsible for maintaining the Township accounting system. She is responsible for all records, books and papers of the Township including minutes of the Township Board, preparing the Township Payroll, maintaining Human Resources Records (benefits and all types of insurance) as well as Accounts Payable. The Clerk also serves as Secretary of the Township Board and oversees elections, voter registration and cemetery operations. 
  1. Prepares and maintains voter registration records.
  2. Prepares and maintains the Township Board Meeting Minutes.
  3. Responsible for the preparation and planning for any elections; coordinates, supervises and trains Township election workers; processes absentee ballots and supervises the production of ballot tallies.
  4. Informs residents and the public of official Township announcements.
  5. Chairs election commission.
  6. Acts as official signatory on all Township legal documents.
  7. Oversees Township burials, cemetery records and cemetery lot sales.
  8. Prepares General Fund financial statements for Board meetings; also responsible for preparation of Township General Fund annual reports.
  9. Assists Township Supervisor in preparing Annual Budget.
  10. Represents the Township in communications involving the Township attorney, citizens, and other outside organizations and individuals.
Byron Township, MI
8085 Byron Center Avenue, Byron Center, MI 49315
Office Hours
Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.