Personal Property

Filing Personal Property
    Remember, if you have received personal property documentation from Byron Township then you must submit those documents by February 20th or an assessment estimation will be made.

Small Businesses
   Beginning in 2019, legislature passed a law that states businesses who have filed the Small Business Tax Exemption (form 5076) are not required to file the 5076 the following years, but are required to notify the Assessing Office, filing a rescission, when personal property True Cash Value exceeds $80,000.  If you are a new business (filing for the first time) in Byron Township that has personal property less than $80,000 you may be entitled to the Small Business Exemption.  Be sure to complete the form and deliver to the Assessing Office before February 20th.

    Any business that has closed, sold, or moved from Byron Township must immediately notify the Assessor in order to avoid future assessments.  If you no longer do business contact us with the information below and provide a written statement that your business has closed, sold, or moved.

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