Frequently Asked Questions

Principle Residence Exemption
"I think that I qualify for the PRE, but forget to get the affidavit in before June/November 1st, do I still qualify?"

Yes!; if a resident has missed the June or November 1st deadline for the PRE, they can make a request to the July or December Board of Review who has the authority to process requests for the current year and three years prior.  To make a request, submit a written statement to the Assessing Department.

Land Division
"I am considering dividing my land, what is the land division process?"

Before land can be divided you must know what division(s) are available to a property and does it meet current zoning ordinance standards.  The Assessing Department can help residents determine the number of divisions are available to a property.  Typically, any land under 19.99 acres will have four divisions and then from here there is one additional division for each ten acres (e.g. 20.00 to 29.99 acres has five divisions, 30.00 to 39.99 acres has six divisions).  The Building and Zoning Department will be able to help residents determine if a division complies with the zoning ordinance.
When you are ready to start the process, submit a Land Division Application with a survey and new legal descriptions and fee with the Assessing Office.
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